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How Do You Know It’s Time For A Business Coach

How do you know when you need a business coach? Taking the step to get a business coach should only be done when you’re ready and in the right frame of mind.  For me, it started about 10 years ago when I realized that I wasn’t cutting it as a lone wolf trying to balance…

Micromanaged: 30 Feet Is A Long Way To Fall

“Here’s what’s going to happen. I am going to have to fix you, manage you two on a more personal scale, a more micro form of management. Jim, what is that called?” Michael Scott, Dunder Mifflin Paper Company Throughout college I worked for a small construction company.  On my first project we were replacing the…

Signals We Send

“If there is any one secret of effectiveness, it is concentration. Effective executives do first things first and they do one thing at a time.” ~ The Great Peter Drucker Let me know if this sounds familiar. You are a talented and energetic Founder/CEO. An email from a more junior Accounting employee comes in at…

Principles, Why Principles?

“It’s more important to do big things well than to do the small things perfectly.” ~Ray Dalio Think back to the first day of your first job. Not doing paid chores for your parents or a family member but the first day of the first time that you put yourself to work to earn a…

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